Review: Temptation by Fire by Tiffany Allee


Temptation by Fire by Tiffany AlleeTemptation by Fire
Tiffany Allee

Published: Dec. 30, 2013 (Entangled Ignite)
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Review source: copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Mary

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Karson is part of a cell of demon hunters who walk a pretty dangerous line. Imbued with demon blood so they are strong enough to fight them, they must always be careful not to turn into what they hate. Every member of their group has a lot of baggage and a very good reason for hating demons, and Karson is no exception. He’s ambitious and wants to run a cell of his own. If he manages to pull off this next job, he will earn the right to call the shots.

Ava is a shy girl, who likes to keep to herself, literally. She never knows when a handshake, hug, or accidental brush of skin will bring a horrible vision of a person’s death. When she first meets Karson, she sees a vision of his boss being burned alive. Even though she warns Karson, Ava can’t help but be pulled in deeper. She learns pretty quickly that the world is a lot bigger than she ever imagined. A complete newbie to the world of the supernatural, Ava has a lot of potential, but gets off to a rocky start and puts Karson and his shot at being boss in jeopardy.

I found Ava very relatable. I think that everyone has a moment in their life when they realize just how small they are compared to the enormity of world. Although, for most of us, that epiphany does not involve demons, exorcisms, or ritual sacrifices. She is a bit of a hermit, but really, if you got horrible visions of people dying every time you made skin-to-skin contact, you’d just want to stay home and watch Colin Furth movies too. Ava is as sweet and enjoyable as Karson is prickly and standoffish, so of course they are perfect for each other. They both have get over their self-imposed isolation and fear of what might happen in order to have a chance at love.

The demon world in Temptation by Fire was unique enough to keep me interested and the characters had some fun, snippy dialogue. My only fault with this one was that it fairly predictable. While I really enjoyed the book, it didn’t offer any surprises or twists. With the majority of romance books, you can read the first couple of chapters and have a pretty good idea of who will end up with whom at the end of the book. This book sticks with that formula and throws in the necessary obstacles and rough patches.

At a hair over 200 pages, Temptation by Fire is a quick read that is still satisfies the sweet tooth. Tiffany Allee has yet to let me down as a reader. Her stories are easy to pick up and understand.  She creates her fictional worlds and characters with such ease that I feel like I have always known them.

Sexual content: graphic sex

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