Review: The Hallowed Knight by Jenn Stark (Wilde Justice #3)


The Hallowed Knight by Jenn Stark // VBC ReviewThe Hallowed Knight (Wilde Justice #3)
Jenn Stark
Published: May 29, 2019 (Elewyn Publishing)
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Review Source: Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Amy

Rating (out of 5): 4.5 stars

Note: This review will be spoiler free, however it will reference events from the previous Immortal Vegas series, if you haven’t started that one yet, check out VBC’s review of Getting Wilde.

As Justice of the Arcana Council, Sara Wilde has grown accustomed to people asking her for help. When one such request is asking to help guard against fairies, Sara is ready to quickly dismiss this petition. Not so fast, however, as it comes out that the Green Knight of yore, aided in power by the Hallowed Knight, is stepping in to return the world to what it once was in the time of the Gods including giving Connecteds back the power they feel the Non-Connecteds are forcing them to repress.

Having just prevented a whole assembly of Gods from crossing the veil, Sara Wilde is loath to let someone else give it a try. In trying to prevent another potential apocalypse, Sara will learn more about herself, her powers, and everything In Between.

I love what Jenn Stark has painstakingly built with this series and its predecessor. The minute details from previous books that come back to play another, sometimes bigger, part down the line. With new revelations about Death and her history, and more about the connection between Sara and Nikki, there was so much stuff popping up I was giddy.

When thinking back on That Hallowed Knight there are two things that immediately come to mind. First off, the love between Sara and Nikki. It was a highlight for me this time around for sure, and mostly because circumstances happen in which they’re separated for a bit and Sara has to go about investigations on her own which is almost unheard of since they paired up in the first book. I love that, regardless of their established relationship, their friendship doesn’t just get swept aside, but instead Jenn Stark goes back time and time again to reinforce the connection, the bond, that Nikki and Sara have. The Hallowed Knight goes a long way in showing how essential they are to one another, in strength, in friendship.

In that regard I really like seeing Sara’s continuing comfort level with her still-developing powers. She learns some pretty interesting new tricks, but I felt like the pressure to actively learn more was lifted instead being brought on more organically, or in this case, in a time of need. And boy are they—and will they—be needed.

Bringing me to the second thing that comes to mind looking back: I won’t even be able to think about The Hallowed Knight without immediately going towards that ending. The final moments of the story really pack a punch. And subsequently have me clamoring to go back to previous books and put pieces together to see if we had been forewarned this entire time!

True story, I recently found myself thinking about how it’s been a long time since a book has left me with that pulled-heartstrings, gut-punched feeling. You know, leaving readers with a somewhat cliffhanger, our characters’ fates hanging in the balance. While maybe not that extreme, the ending of The Hallowed Knight was certainly unexpected and I’m so excited to see what a game-changer it could be for the remainder of the series—or at the least the next book in the series. Just trust that we’re always in good hands with Jenn Stark.

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