Review: The Wolf Within by Cynthia Eden (Purgatory #1)


The Wolf Within by Cynthia Eden // VBC ReviewThe Wolf Within (Purgatory #1)
Cynthia Eden
Published: Dec. 17, 2013 (Curtis Brown Unlimited)
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Reviewed by: Candace

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Cops, agents, and general paranormal law keepers are pretty much guaranteed to keep fans enthralled. So when I started reading The Wolf Within and the first sentence was “Special Agent Duncan McGuire raced around the street corner chasing his prey even as his heartbeat thundered in his ears,” I knew two things. We were going to jump right into action, and heroes named Duncan leave me unable to close a book.

Set in Seattle, Duncan and his partner Elias work for a paranormal agency that polices the werewolves and vamps. Until recently these two groups coexisted peacefully with the humans. Until someone started eating the humans. On this particular chase, Duncan wastes one werewolf, only to turn in the alley and discover the intel was wrong—they weren’t dealing with one wolf, they were dealing with a pack. Agent McGuire was bitten, and Duncan became the very thing he hunted.

Once delivered to the containment facility, Duncan was transported to the resident physician, Holly.  He snarled……”Not…her…”  …Holly was already his temptation…He’d tried to stay away because he’d known she was too fragile to handle someone like him…

But our deliciously-sexy, transitioning Duncan had no idea that sweet little “fragile” Holly was packing some secrets of her own and the question eventually becomes can Duncan handle Holly?

This is book one of a new series for Cynthia Eden, so there is a pretty good amount of setting things up. Establishing characters who make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, the ones carrying storyline-altering secrets, and the ones that make you want more books.  Holly’s brother and boss (as well as Duncan’s boss) Pate is right in the middle of all of these scenarios. But in the midst of all of this world building, Duncan and Holly do a hell of a job keeping you wide awake at night so you can read just one more chapter.

Everything changes for Duncan and Holly as secrets are revealed and genetics discovered. Eden has put sex and intrigue into one sensual, hot-as-hell package with The Wolf Within. I look forward to continuing with Purgatory, and finding out more about the Para Unit.

Sexual content: Graphic sex

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