Review: Thunder Road by Sierra Dean (Rain Chaser #1)


Thunder Road by Sierra Dean // VBC ReviewThunder Road (Rain Chaser #1)
Sierra Dean
Published: July 26, 2016 (Sierra Dean)
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Review Source: copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review 

Reviewed by: Beth

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

What if the world as we knew it was still populated with gods? All of them, of every pantheon, keeping themselves occupied by interfering with humans, and creating petty wars between each other? Where people could tithe to the gods, hoping for a favorable outcome, such as rain on a test day, the ruination of a cheating partner, or even the death of someone they detested?

For Tallulah Corentine, this is the world she knows—all too well. Talullah is a Rain Chaser, the main flunky of the god Seth, the god of storms. It is she who carries out Seth’s wishes, both serious and petty. When a request from Seth goes awry and causes a death god to go after a son Talullah never knew Seth had, all hell breaks loose.

Thunder Road is the first of a series, and its one that I will enjoy continuing. Talullah is human, though she does have the ability to channel Seth’s powers—most of the time. However, her human frailty is obvious after she does that, as it takes a toll on her body. Trying to keep one god placated while not aggravating any others is a challenge, and one that Talullah struggles with—she often leads first with her mouth. However, that trait is part of what makes her believable and fun to read.

There is a sister in this story, and I’m hoping that the next book with talk more about her—for reasons that I cannot get into because I don’t want to give any plot away. In addition to her and to Talullah, we run into several gods, as well as their flunkies—people in the same predicament as Tulullah…born to live, and potentially to die, in the service of their god.

I will say that the plot seemed to run a little thin on occasion, but the loose threads were usually picked up fairly quickly. I’m hoping that some of the things within the story that sort of felt glossed over will be explained further in the series—I realize that a first book has a lot of setting up to do while still keeping the reader’s interest, so I’m hoping there will be more detail forthcoming.

Overall, I enjoyed Talullah, and I thought the idea of these gods and their clerics in Thunder Road was an interesting one. I will be looking forward to reading more about her and seeing what trouble she gets into next. Knowing Talullah, it won’t be small, and it won’t be easy.

Sexual content: some seriously hot making out

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