Review: Wilder by Christina Dodd (Chosen Ones #5)


Wilder by Christina Dodd (Chosen Ones #5)Wilder (Chosen Ones #5)
Christina Dodd
Published: Aug. 7, 2012 (Signet)
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Reviewed by: Candace

Rating (out of 5): 5 stars

Aleksandr Wilder is the grandson of Konstantine and Zorana (from the Darkness Chosen series) and is a member of the Chosen Ones, a group of seven individuals selected every seven years to protect the Earth from the Devil. Aleksandr was supposedly selected because of his connection to Konstantine, a man who did the unthinkable and broke a deal with the Devil. Aleksandr, much to the heartbreak of his family, disappeared during the Chosen Ones series.

Chosen One Charisma Fanghorn can hear the earth sing to her. Sure it may sound cheesy but when Christina Dodd puts the story on page, you sit and read attentively. Charisma finds herself underground and is blinded, to be carried away on the rescuing shoulders of a large, furry creature whom she comes to know as Guardian.

Guardian escaped underground after being tortured at the hands of humans. Here he does what a huge, strong creature can do best: protect the ones who live down here from the demons running free. As Charisma is helpless, she falls under his protection as well. Only Guardian isn’t ready for Charisma to get her sight back. If the tantalizing beauty can see him, she will realize the extent of his deformities. Covered in fur, more beast than man, he doesn’t want her to look at him this way. Guardian has weakened for the girl and wants to recover his humanity for her.

Wilder, VBC fans, is a tale of Beauty and the Beast at its best. I think you can see the writing on the wall and realize who Guardian is. But even with fur and beastly alterations, Guardian wears his humanity on his sleeve and doesn’t need the form of a man to give Charisma his heart. Charisma is just as content to return the favor. She melts for the beast, falling for him as she only began to fall for one another before his disappearance.

I cannot recommend this enough. If you haven’t read a Dodd book yet, start with book one of The Darkness Chosen series. Work your way through those. Then go through The Chosen Ones. Dodd has a wit that leaves you laughing and creates characters that captivate. You won’t be sorry.

Sexual content: Graphic sex

5 Responses to “Review: Wilder by Christina Dodd (Chosen Ones #5)”

  1. Nicole Miller says:

    I love both of these series and Wilder was just icing on the cake. It was an amazing story. I always loved Alisander and to finally read his story was amazing!!!

  2. Ahmad Ebrani says:

    I definitely value the time you’re giving up to wite this publish because I feel passionate regarding this subject and am really up for understanding anything brand new concerning it

  3. Wendy says:

    I actually have both series in my to read pile. I may have to move it up now.

  4. Stephanie Miller says:

    I was with Candace when she bought Wilder and she convinced me to buy the first in the series. Really, all she had to do was point and I was on it. She has never recommended something that wasn’t great. Now I just need to buzz through this series because after reading this review I want to read it so badly!

  5. Candace says:

    Woohoo – we have Dodd fans in the house! *cue happy dance* Steph, I always look out for you girlie, you know this. Wendy, move it up pronto. Start with Darkness Chosen because it sets up Alexandr’s family lineage (that entire series is about his grandparents, uncles and parents). Then go to Chosen Ones, which Wilder wraps up. That’s a lot of books, but you have them already so go for it. Hi Ahmad! Have fun with the book! Nicole – I KNOW! This book was like icing on the cake. And since I’m allergic to cake, the icing is where it’s at for me – heh.

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