Sarah McCarty Guest Post & Giveaway: Top Five Reasons You Will Love Cole


Reaper's Vow by Sarah McCartyThere comes a time in every romance enthusiast’s experience when a character will explode into their reading life, take over their senses for page after page of pleasure, and when they reluctantly come to the point in the relationship where they have no choice but to close the cover on the last page,  they lean back in their chair, replete with satisfaction,  and whisper, “Day-um, that is one hot man.”

Not hot because of his cover art. Not hot because his manly parts are of the quality that beg to be bronzed for posterity, but hot because the masculine good in him just reaches out from the pages and caresses everything femininely expectant in you. A truly lucky reader will have multiple encounters with such satisfaction.

Those kind of Alphas don’t come along that often for authors either, but when they do, it’s a get-out-the-plaster-cast, heat-up-the-metal-we’re-recording- this-man-for-posterity moment. For all the right reasons. Or to put it more sedately, it’s mouth-watering pleasure to make that Alpha come alive on the page.

Cole Cameron is one of those men. I knew from the moment I saw him in Reaper’s Justice, sitting there on his horse eyebrow cocked, forearm resting on the saddle horn, challenging Isaiah with that dry wit that marks so many of his interactions, that he was going to be pure pleasure to write. When I started to type his story, I thought, “Oh yeah. I like him.” By the time I got to the final pages “like” had landed with a flourish on a very satisfied, “Day-um, that is one hot man.”

Yup, for me, Cole is one of those alphas. And yeah, he got me whispering. And these are my top five reasons why:

1) He’s a man of action.

Cole isn’t one for sitting about debating a point when simple action can fix the problem. He doesn’t have an issue with other people discussing the pros and cons of a situation, but when it comes to pondering theory or taking action, he is all about the latter. There’s something very comforting about a man who doesn’t worry what the world thinks when faced with right or wrong. Something very secure in being with a man who can handle the fall out of dealing with bullies or social wrongs with confidence and aplomb. Integrity in action is just plain sexy.

2) He doesn’t know the meaning of quit

Some people look at situation and say it’s impossible. Some people dream but give up as time goes by. Some people stare at the obstacles between them and their goals and moan in despair. Cole, however, sees dreams as goals, and obstacles as puzzle pieces missing their place. If something is standing between him and his goal, he will analyze that something’s strengths and weaknesses, and then begin bit by bit to disassemble it. Without drama or fanfare, he just renders mental or physical obstacles into non-issues. If you’re an enemy facing him down, that’s a terrifying level of focus. If you’re a woman afraid to love again, a man that will take the time  “see” your deepest fears, understand them, and then deftly break their grip on you one stranglehold at a time while holding you safe, well, that’s a dream come true.

Reaper's Justice by Sarah McCarty3) He takes loyalty to the level of dedication

Whoever said promises are meant to be broken has never met Cole. When Cole makes a promise it’s forever. No matter what it takes to keep that promise, no matter what personal hell he has to go through to do so, he will stand by his word.   For those lucky enough to be loved by him, there is the certainty that he will never give up, and never walk away. That his love carries not only the weight of his convictions but has staying power deeply ingrained in his nature. He brings to his relationships the security of knowing that if the world comes knocking, this man will be standing between you and any trouble it’s foolish enough to drag along. And when he does, he’ll be doing it with a smile and that intensity already mentioned in reason two. Which brings us to reason four.

4) He’s intense

The man is the epitome of the expression “still waters run deep.” On the surface he can appear to be many things to many people. Reserved. Hard. Implacable. Stubborn. But beneath that surface beats the heart of a man who thinks deeply, feels deeply, and cares deeply. All or nothing. Period. He dominates his world and cares for everything within it.  Without reservation or hesitation. He is not afraid of strong emotion or love. He just seems detached because he’s selective about whom or what he cares, but once the commitment is made, it’s “Katy bar the door”.  This man is all in.

5) He only knows one way to love

In all things there must be balance. And so it is with Cole. The ruthless warrior in battle is the passionate lover in bed. He’s not afraid of his softer side. On the contrary, he embraces it fully with his woman, edging the strength of his passion with the stroke of tenderness. He seduces her with the force of his personality, gathering her up in the storm of his emotions, sheltering her from the thunder, holding her up to the lightning, calming her as it streaks through her only to push her further into the tempest to that place where their reality lies, a sanctuary of deep passion and deeper love, fortified with the values of  trust and conviction. Cole only knows one way be.

All or nothing.  Period.  What’s not to love?


Ready to meet Cole? Yeah, I thought so. We have two copies of Sarah McCarty’s Reaper’s Vow for VBC readers. Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below to be entered. This contest is for U.S. addresses only.

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3 Responses to “Sarah McCarty Guest Post & Giveaway: Top Five Reasons You Will Love Cole”

  1. dr susan says:

    Although I have been eagerly waiting for Reaper’s Vow, I am afraid my heart belongs to Jared 🙂

  2. Liz S says:

    I love Sarah McCarty’s stories! Haven’t started this series yet, but I have to move it up my TBR pile. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Dee F. says:

    This is a new author for me but this post has me hooked. Looking for her now.

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