Serial Review: The Golden Key Legacy by A.J. Nuest


The Golden Key Legacy by A.J. Nuest // VBC ReviewThe Golden Key Legacy (A Furious Muse; The Sacrifice; A Wizard Rises; A Time of Reckoning)
A.J. Nuest
Published: March 5, 2015 (HarperImpulse)
Purchase: Amazon
Review source: copy of A Time of Reckoning provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review; previous books purchased

Reviewed by: Amanda

Rating (out of 5): 3 stars

Note: The Golden Key Legacy is a series of novellas. Each part was released separately, but telling one story. We’ve reviewed the four parts together.

Faedrah’s always known her place in the Austiere Kingdom: future queen. And as the only heir to the throne, she’s been trained in the art of war since she was twelve. But because she’s been brought up prepared to do battle for the life of her kingdom, the rest of her education is a bit…lacking.

Rhys has been seeing Faedrah in his dreams and on his canvas since he was old enough to hold a crayon. When she walks into the gallery showing his latest collection, he can’t believe she’s real. Once he does, though, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to convince Faedrah they belong together.

But the danger stalking Faedrah in her realm has followed her into the 21st century, putting both her and Rhys in the crosshairs of an old evil. To defeat it, they’ll have to learn to work together, because if they don’t, that means the end for Rhys and leaves Faedrah trapped in the future

Oh, Rhys. Rhys Rhys Rhys. I do like you, my boy. So very, very much. He rarely wavers from his conviction that Faedrah is his, and his alone, and no one will take her from him. He loves that she can take care of herself (she does this neat move where she literally runs up a wall so she can flip over her attacker) and he quickly discovers Faedrah is mule-stubborn, so it’s useless arguing with her. Seeing him explain technology and all the wonders of the modern world to her was amusing.

Its a creative story, one thats fast-paced and complex. I liked the time-travel element, shifting the story between present-day Chicago and the fantasy realm of the Austiere Kingdom. There were twists and turns that had me nodding my head—yup, totally, thats it—and I sped through all four parts of the story. And you have to read all four parts; while each part has a different title, it’s a serial. If you skip part one, you’ll be lost.

Where the story falls short, and ultimately what docked my rating, was when the story shifted to Faedrah’s point of view. I liked her, to an extent. She’s frustrated with how sheltered she’s been, despite all of the training she’s received. She’s curious about her new surroundings, and she’s definitely curious about Rhys. But the language is more old-fashioned when we’re in Faedrah’s head, and it’s often clunky and distracting. Faedrah comes off as far older than her twenty years, and her manner of speaking made her emotions seem less genuine. Disappointing, because I do like her and Rhys together.

The Golden Key Legacy is a good story, often entertaining, and won me over with its creativity and Rhys. Cant forget about Rhys. The end ties up their story quite nicely yet leaves room for a third book, and I’m pretty sure we’ll get one. More Austiere citizens wandering around modern-day Chicago? Could be fun.

Sexual content: sex

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  1. AJ Nuest says:

    Okay…I LOVE THIS REVIEW! LOL Thank you so much, Amanda. I know it’s only three stars, but I just love it. This completely made my day. Go Rhys! LOL Thank you for taking the time to post! xo

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