Shiloh Walker on Fated Love (and a Giveaway!)


Furious Fire by Shiloh WalkerFrom Chelsea/VBC: We’re big fans of Shiloh Walker here at VBC. Her Grimm’s Circle series has the right levels of edge and steam. The eighth book in the series Furious Fire releases on Nov. 11 (pre-order it), and we have a few teases in this post from Shiloh on fated couples. Enjoy!

The idea of fate and fated lovers is a fascinating one. It’s also a frustrating one, because what happens if you never find your one? Or if your one dies?

What if you meet your one and s/he annoys the hell out of you?

What if they are everything you despise but that part of you can’t live without them?

It’s a fascinating idea…and yep, a frustrating one.

In Furious Fire, I had the ‘fated’ lovers idea going. Finn and Becky were together in Finn’s ‘first’ life. Finn’s now a guardian angel, but before he became one, he was simply human and he was in love with Becky. When he died, he was given the chance to come back—he thought it was a second chance.

And it was…sort of.

Just not the chance he thought.

“Back here again, I see.”

Finn didn’t look up.

He just swirled his hand through the water, his mind still on that day.

He’d done it.

For her.

“I never had a chance, did I?”

Will sank to the grass beside Finn. “I never promised you that you would be able to be with her. I told you to decide. I told you that your life wouldn’t be the same. All I told you was that you could live and take up your sword.”

It’s been several lifetimes since Finn made that fateful choice and he’s regretted it ever since. Still, he took the ‘take up your sword’ bit to heart and spent those years killing demons. See, that’s what these guardian angels do. They’re demon hunters. And Finn is one very pissed-off demon-hunting angel.

He’s got one plan in mind and that’s to kill a lot of demons. And then kill more, until one of them eventually kill him.

Things get mixed up, though, when this woman walks into his life…

In that moment, I came awake, my body shuddering as pain gripped me.

I gasped and in a blink, two men stood over me.

One was Will and I glared at him balefully.

Okay, yeah, I’d been the one to pounce on his back and send the two of us tumbling to the ground—or…through it?

I still didn’t know.

But whatever had happened, it resulted in me hurting more than I could remember hurting, short of dying.

I didn’t think that was happening. Not yet, at least.

But then my gaze skipped over and hit the other man.

I sucked in a breath and that very action brought tears to my eyes, but it wasn’t enough to make me look away from him.

Silvered moonlight washed the color from his eyes, from his hair, leaving him cut with swathes of pale light and deep shadow.

His face was harder.


My throat locked.

A name sprang to my lips, but instinct had me locking it back.

You can read more here and visit this page to read more about the Grimm!

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  1. I’ve yet to start this series. I love Shiloh Walker’s work and read many of her other series. I need to get started on this one soon.

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