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Witches Be Burned by Stacey Kennedy // VBCFrom Chelsea/VBC: Magic and warriors are hitting all the right buttons with the VBC team lately. So I’m pleased to have Stacey Kennedy on the site today. Her second book in her Magic and Mayhem series Witches Be Burned releases on May 19, and it looks super good. We managed to snag an exclusive excerpt of the book just for you guys, and peek at the end of the post for a giveaway, too.

Thank you so much for letting me stop by today! I had so much fun writing, Witches Be Burned, but I gotta admit the most fun was all the trouble that Nexi gets herself into, even if it’s by accident. Nexi is a special witch with special blood, and that can make her very tempting to vampires. You see, Nexi is new to her supernatural world, and she is still adjusting.

In this scene below, we are introduced to the Mistress Vampire, Ellery, who is the leader of the Southwest Territory. Poor Nexi is about to realize that vampires are not only sneaky to get what they want, but they’re also determined beyond anything that Nexi could have imagined.

Don’t you just hate difficult choices?

Happy reading, and I hope you enjoy the special excerpt!

Ellery stood with grace and then strode around the library. “Did you know that I’m the oldest ruling vampire at the present time?”


A slow smile spread across Ellery’s face. “I assumed not. As I suspect, you won’t be able to truly understand when I say that life for us tends to get bland—boring, you could say.” She dragged her hand over a book on the shelf. “It’s hard to find new things to remind us of all the reasons we enjoy this vampire life. It’s also difficult to have experienced things that other Mistress Vampires have not.”

Nexi regarded Ellery. “Old vampire. Bored. I get it. But how can I change that?”

Continuing to wander around the room, Ellery ran her hands gingerly over each book. “I’ve heard of you, you know.” She looked to Nexi with a dark smile, making her look like the night creature she was. “Thalia told me you visited her.”

One second Ellery was standing on the other side of the room. The next she was right in front of Nexi. “I’ve also heard of your scent.” She inhaled deeply, licking her lips. “Ah, and yes, it does smell delicious.”

Nexi’s blood ran cold.

Not even her fear could refuse the implication of those crazed eyes focused intently on her. “You cannot possibly be suggesting . . .”

“Like I said, new and interesting things are rare.” Ellery resumed her pacing, passing by the bookshelves and dragging her fingers over them. “I can assure you that if you didn’t work for the Council, you would be either dead or under the protection of a Mistress.”

Nexi gulped.

Ellery didn’t seem to notice and continued. “As it is, you cannot be touched. It would create a war no one in the vampire community is after. However, when you happened to arrive on my doorstep, an interesting proposition presented itself.”

Nexi glared, not caring one bit for Ellery’s authority or her allegiance with the Council. “You are out of your goddamn mind if you think that I’m going to let you drink me.”

“This is the deal I offer you.” Ellery gave a fangy grin, returning to her seat. “You need information that I possess. I want to be the Mistress that has tasted you. The decision is yours.”

Time stopped.

Nexi dropped her head into her hands, wondering when this would fucking end. Ellery might not touch her because of the Council, but it didn’t change the fact that Nexi’s blood was like a big ol’ chocolate sundae to vampires.

Some might think Nexi’s mixed heritage was a gift and she was lucky to be so powerful, but Nexi began to think it was a damned curse. She felt the weight of her choices on her shoulders.

If Ellery didn’t give up the location of the vampires, they’d never find them. Ellery was their only lead now. And the Mistress Vampire had no obligation to provide them assistance. While Nexi could’ve refused Ellery in a second flat, she reminded herself this wasn’t about her—it was about Trefan and Radek, and most of all to help Finn and Haven find closure. She lifted her head and begrudgingly asked, “If I allow you to drink from me, you’ll give up the location of the vampires?” At Ellery’s eager nod, Nexi added, “I know what a vampire bite is capable of doing, so will you hurt me?”

“You’ll feel no pain,” Ellery replied, very matter-of-fact.

“How much will you take? Like a sip? A one-second little slurp? Or are we talking like a quart of my blood?”

Ellery smiled, her fangs glistening from the light above her. “I’ll take enough to sate me, but you won’t notice any difference within yourself.” She batted her lashes, as if she were an innocent good-girl vampire. “In fact, you’ll enjoy it.”

Nexi was ready to say Hell, no! But compared to what Ellery could give them, her choice was an easy one. She stood on wobbly legs. “Fine. Do it.”

In a blink of an eye, Ellery’s hands wrapped around Nexi’s face. She angled Nexi’s head to the side, sliding her tongue along the length of Nexi’s throat, zeroing in on the thick vein on her neck. When Ellery’s fangs grazed Nexi, awareness struck her and she exclaimed, “Wait!”

“What?” Ellery hissed, her eyes glowing brightly.

“Tell me their location and how many are there.”

“Quite smart of you.” Ellery’s dark eyes reflected a soul long dead. “You will find the vampires at the SkyLake Lodge in Salt Lake City—they are using it as their headquarters. My guard scoped out the area earlier tonight, and by their count, there were over forty vampires, plus the witch.”

Without a chance for Nexi to respond, Ellery’s fangs penetrated her flesh, and Nexi gasped in disbelief. Pain didn’t pierce her skin; pure pleasure soared into every molecule of her body.

This wasn’t just like sex—it was better than sex.

Her body throbbed as the drag of blood through her veins seemed directly linked to the area between her thighs, and she couldn’t ignore the discouragingly hot flush that pooled low in her stomach. Each deep pull intensified the sensation, sending seductive heat spiraling throughout her and slickening her sex, and before Nexi could stop herself, she moaned.

Then she couldn’t stop moaning.

Each pull felt as if it brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Ellery’s lips on her skin were a tempting offer for Nexi to simply turn her head and take all that Ellery could give her. The pleasure wasn’t only building in her body, it was building in her soul, taking her higher and higher, until she moaned louder, begging for the highest climax that Ellery could offer.

Just as she peaked, consuming her with a euphoria Nexi had never experienced in her life, Ellery released her.

Nexi gasped, a sound of pure desperation, longing for the release she’d been refused. Suffering a confusing regret, she almost parted her lips to beg Ellery to continue. She wobbled on her feet, trying to find a way back from the ride of pleasure. Now Nexi understood why humans found a vampire bite so addictive—it was like having sex without the sexy parts touching, leaving her panting and aching for more.

Ellery wiped the blood off the corner of her mouth. “I did say you would enjoy it.” She sucked the blood off her finger. “And I certainly enjoyed that. Your taste is oddly different: very sweet and rich with power.”

“I . . .” Nexi exhaled, long and deep, reminding herself that she didn’t want an orgasm from a Mistress Vampire. “I thought you were exaggerating.” To quit the erotic emotions flooding her, she gave her head a hard shake. “But that was so, so gross that I don’t even have words.” Ignoring the way her limbs trembled and heat burned her in places that shouldn’t burn unless she was with Kyden, she added, “I’m leaving now. I’d say it was a pleasure, but—”

“It was business,” Ellery interjected. “I know you are new to our world, but you’ll learn quickly the necessity to barter with anything you can.” She slid into her cold stare, making ice seem hot. “Which includes unusual blood that many would kill for.”

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  1. Bube says:

    Shapeshifter or witch 😀

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    Vampire or witch

  3. erinf1 says:

    definitely a witch. It would be so cool to be able to cast spells 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  4. Liz S says:

    A dragon would be cool! Loved the excerpt. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    A witch for sure. I’d love to have magical powers.

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    A shifter who can shift into any animal

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    Tough one…. prob anything lol

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    I’d want to be a werewolf

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    witch or shapeshifter

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