Waiting on Wednesday: Nightshade by Andrea Cremer


With a blurb opening with a line calling for tearing out enemies’ throats, we’re confident we will get into Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade. We like it when things get a little bloodthirsty and a touch violent. (OK, maybe more than a bit…)  For the romantic side, Nightshade has plenty of forbidden love: Calla will have to decide if following her heart is worth losing everything. (We can’t help but love when the consequences are massive.)

While other teenage girls daydream about boys, Calla Tor imagines ripping out her enemies’ throats. And she wouldn’t have it any other way. Calla was born a warrior and on her eighteenth-birthday she’ll become the alpha female of the next generation of Guardian wolves. But Calla’s predestined path veers off course the moment she saves the life of a wayward hiker, a boy her own age. This human boy’s secret will turn the young pack’s world upside down and forever alter the outcome of the centuries-old Witches’ War that surrounds them all.

When we add in Cynthia Leitich Smith calling the novel “a compelling tale of romance and treachery” in this trailer, um, yeah, we’re in. See the other authors who agree this book deserves to be on your to-read list.

Nightshade, releasing in October, will be the first in a three-book series. More about the series can be found on Andrea Cremer’s site. If you just can’t wait, we’d suggest you pre-order Nightshade from Amazon.com.

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