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Update: The werewolf defeated the archangel! Adam advances to the next round of the Alpha Showdown!

There’s no question Adam and Raphael are meant to be in the Alpha Showdown.

They’re both leaders, and have big followings within the VBC readership. (Heh.) How are you going to decide?

We’ve lined up great bloggers to explain why each alpha deserves to advance. Read the pitches, and then make the call.


You know him from: The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs
First appeared in: Moon Called (Amazon)
Supernatural status: alpha werewolf

Championed by: The Book Pushers | Twitter: MinnChica | Has | Lou | E

Night Broken by Patricia BriggsNo one can deny that Alpha werewolf, Adam, is as strong as they get. He’s fought off vampires, fae, demons, and even gods. He doesn’t shy away from walking into a fight, knowing that it might be his last. He even smooths it over with words that melt your heart:

“You should know that you brought joy into my life when I thought there was no joy left in the world.”

Even people who don’t belong in Adam’s pack think he is the best Alpha around:

“But Coyote waits until I meet everyone first. I like Adam. He’s what an Alpha is supposed to be and so seldom is.”

Not only does Adam stand for everything that is good and right, he can be playful and fun:

“He kissed me again, then put his head down to whisper in my ear. “I like you way better.” And then he nipped my ear and slapped my hip lightly and stepped away.”

So, Adam’s sexy, he’s strong. He’s a caring and loving father while also a fierce leader, but above all, he’s the kind of Alpha that takes care of everyone in his charge, even those he hasn’t sworn to protect:

“Tried not to hear the concern in Adam’s voice, the softness– and the satisfaction he got from taking care of her. Good Alpha werewolves take care of those around them it’s part of what makes then Alpha.”

What more could you want from your winner??


Archangel's Legion by Nalini Singh // VBC ReviewYou know him from: The Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh
First appeared in: Angels Blood (Amazon)
Alpha Status: Archangel

Championed by: Amanda from Vampire Book Club | @AmandaKByrne

There’s the usual motley collection of badasses in the Showdown this year, shifters, vamps, immortal creatures that we aren’t quite sure what they are – but none of them hold a candle to the Archangel of New York.

Raphael is the ultimate Alpha.

He’s strong. That’s a given. He’s not afraid to use his strength as a weapon, breaking bones (like, every bone in your body, including ones you didn’t know existed) without breaking a sweat. He’s not all brute strength, either, his intelligence just as ruthless. You can’t maintain the sort of power base he’s built up over the centuries without being wicked smart. People fear him, and they respect him, because they know he’s there to protect them from harm. And harm will come to those who try to infringe on his territory.

He’s absolutely gorgeous. I mean, come on. He’s a frickin’ archangel. Wings of white and gold. All that yummy sculpted muscle and those sapphire blue eyes…guh.

But it’s not just about his physical prowess or his smarts. If he descends into the Quiet, he’s beyond ruthless. He’s like a machine capable of higher thought yet completely lacking a conscience. He’s got powers – besides being able to fly, which, hi, yes please and thank you – he can glamour himself invisible, invade your mind and bend it to his will, and his newly found ability to heal is growing stronger every day. He Makes vampires, and he inspires loyalty so deep, they’ll be insulted if someone so much as hints they ought to make a play to knock him from power. And he’s unique. Not only is Raphael an archangel born of two archangels, he Made an angel.

This is what truly makes Raphael the ultimate alpha – his love for his consort, Elena. It’s fierce and unbreakable, and it’s what saved her life, literally. Some of the other members of the Cadre think Elena weakens him, but she doesn’t. She’s centered him, forced him to adapt and while sometimes the changes aren’t always smooth, she’s made him fiercer, harder in all the ways that matter. He would destroy the world for her.

Do we really need to have this Showdown? We know Raphael’s the most alpha of them all. Everyone else is just his minion.



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213 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2014 Round 7: Adam Hauptman vs. Raphael”

  1. Betul E. says:


  2. Carol says:

    I am a member of the Columbia Basin Pack and Adam is my one and only Alpha !!!!

  3. Kristi N says:

    I have never read these books but I voted Raphael cause everyone is saying Adam haha

  4. Mary Ann Creemer says:

    Adam all the way! Now if it had been on of Nalini Singh’s PsyChangeling alphas, I would have trouble choosing.

  5. Mariana says:


  6. Julie F says:


  7. clnlee123@yahoo.com says:

    adam….of course

  8. Sophia Brown says:


  9. Jen Kyle says:

    Adam all the way!! although I have read both series they are both awesome!!

  10. Christy says:


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