Alpha Showdown 2014

We’ve been pitting the biggest, baddest alphas against one another in the Alpha Showdown for four years. This year, though, is set to be the most epic yet.

We opened up the nominations to allow for any alpha you’ve ever loved, and you took advantage. Alongside contemporary favorites like Reyes and Simon, readers voted in Acheron and Barrons. We have former Alpha Showdown champions in the mix, and we’re going to spice up the voting with contests.

Told you: Epic.

The 2014 Alpha Showdown launched on May 12. Each battle will be open for two days. Voting will be done via Rafflecopter and tied to your email address. The upside here is we’ll be giving away something fun at every battle.

Round 1: Reyes Farrow vs. ZsadistWINNER REYES
Round 2: Curran vs. Kate DanielsWINNER KATE DANIELS
Round 3: Wrath vs. Jane YellowrockWINNER WRATH
Round 4: Ethan Sullivan vs. VladWINNER VLAD
Round 5: Bones vs. RyodanWINNER BONES
Round 6: Jericho Z. Barrons vs. Simon WolfgardWINNER JERICHO Z. BARRONS
Round 7: Adam Hauptman vs. RaphaelWINNER ADAM HAUPTMAN
Round 8: Acheron vs. Sabina KaneWINNER ACHERON
Round 9: Reyes Farrow vs. WrathWINNER REYES
Round 10: Vlad vs. Kate DanielsWINNER KATE DANIELS
Round 11: Bones vs. Adam HauptmanWINNER ADAM HAUPTMAN
Round 12: Acheron vs. Jericho Z. BarronsWINNER BARRONS
Round 13: Reyes Farrow vs. Adam HauptmanWINNER REYES
Round 14: Jericho Z. Barrons vs. Kate DanielsWINNER BARRONS
Finale: Reyes Farrow vs. Jericho Z. Barrons

The Alpha Showdown 2014 champion is REYES FARROW!

2014 Alpha Showdown Bracket -- Only at Vampire book Club

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