Book Bits: Ann Aguirre, Mira Grant, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jim C. Hines & Devon Monk


Outpost by Ann Aguirre (Razorland #2)Double dose of Ann Aguirre awesomeness
If, like me, you were sucked in by Ann Aguirre’s young adult novel Enclave, you’re itching for its sequel Outpost. I have to things to help quell your cravings. First, we finally have cover art with some serious creeptastic elements. Second, my other home (Heroes & Heartbreakers) has an exclusive short story called “Endurance” set in the Razorland world. Since it’s a romance community site, expect a love story within the dystopian world. You have to join the site to read the full thing, but it’s free and easy.

Excerpt of Blackout by Mira Grant
The Newsflesh series by Mira Grant makes my recommendations page for a very good reason: It’s unlike anything else you’ve read. She merges survival, dystopian elements, family and zombies into this epic journey. Read my spoiler-free review of Feed to get started. However, if you’re already hooked on her fantastic series, then you’re craving book three Blackout. i09 was lucky enough to get the first chapter from Blackout to share with the crowd. Read it and report back (no blood testing required).

Snippet from Time Untime
Sherrilyn Kenyon is sharing snippets from Time Untime on her Facebook page. The most recent:

We all make mistakes. It’s part of growing. The trick isn’t to be perfect. It’s to find a place of solace in the mind so that it doesn’t flog you for trusting the wrong person or following after the wrong dream. All of us fall victim to harmful guile at some point.

Even I

The cycle of the universe is birth, growth, death. And death, while unwelcome, is always necessary. Without death, there is no birth and no growth.

Most men die many times in their lives. The man we become invariably slaughters the child we once were. With the step you have just taken, the wise Ren has now laid the warrior Ren to rest. While you still know how to fight, you have now learned when to fight…

And most importantly, what to fight for.

Jim C. Hines plays male cover model
Once again, Jim C. Hines steps in to play cover models. This time, he stands in for the men on urban fantasy and romance novel covers (and Conan books) to find out if they’re nearly as uncomfortable as the ones for women. I assure you, it’s highly amusing.

Devon Monk gets inspirational
I really enjoyed reading Devon Monk’s post at Deadline Dames this week. She talks about how she got the nerve to try and speak in public — to teenagers! — recently and the great example that aspiring authors will get a lot of people telling them no, but perseverance pays off. And then you can kick ass, do what you love and, in her case, publish nine novels.

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