More Outlander Goodness: Talking Season 2, Episode 4


We Love Jamie FraserWell, well, VBC, y’all love some Outlander. Not that I blame you. We had a really positive response to sharing the Outlander recap last week, and as long as you like it, we’ll keep sharing.

The book series has been adapted for television on Starz, and is now in the second season. I’m diving into Jamie and Claire’s relationship throughout each episode for Heroes & Heartbreakers, and the last episode had a whole lot of Jamie and Claire goodness and has convinced me to revisit Dragonfly in Amber.

The posts contain spoilers up to that episode, but not for the series as a whole. Here’s a taste of the Season 2, Episode 4 post:

We haven’t had playful Jamie and Claire banter for some time—trauma, imprisonment, stopping a rebellion will do that to a relationship. So how lovely was it to see the two in the same room in the opening scene? And talking about baby names, no less. While neither offered particularly great names, it was nice to see them talking about their future instead of the future of Bonny Prince Charlie.

It can’t be that simple or steady, though. Someone poisoned Claire. Jamie rushes her home. Both he and Claire worried she’d lose the baby. Thankfully, she’ll be fine, but in their bedroom discussion of the current situation, Jamie proposed hosting a dinner for the duke and the prince, and all Claire can think about is what the Duke of Sandringham knows. She returns to being the Claire we’ve always known, the one who does not keep secrets from her husband (or really anyone, Claire’s not one to really confide in, when we think about it). She tells Jamie the truth about Black Jack Randall, and her meeting his brother Alex in Versailles. [Keep Reading]

Outlander 2x04 Jamie and Claire Kiss

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