National Buy a Book Day is September 7

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

We're going to pick up Sophie Jordan's new novel 'Firelight' on Buy a Book Day.

In the last week there has been a lot of chat about National Buy a Book Day. in the event you’ve missed our tweets or blog items from Phil Athans and Jaye Wells, the idea is to simply buy a real, made-from-dead-trees book from a brick-and-mortar bookstore on Sept. 7. You can buy more than one, of course, but breaking the bank isn’t necessary.

We keep hearing reports of indie bookstores shutting down (here in the Dallas, Texas, area our biggest independent store closed last month) and even the national chains like Barnes & Noble and Borders are shuddering. Like librarians,  your local booksellers are great resources, and those operating your local store are helping sustain your favorite authors. Refer to Athan’s post for details on the machinations of the industry.

So, on Tuesday, swing by your local bookstore (it can be a big chain, that’s OK) and pick up a book. There are a ton of great new releases in September and  you can always get the September group read City of Bones by Cassandra Clare which is available in paperback for under $10.

So, readers, are you in? If so, what’s on your shopping list for Tuesday?

2 Responses to “National Buy a Book Day is September 7”

  1. srbastian says:

    The Clockwork Angel for sure, dunno what else. My b-day was thurs so I have $$ to spend!!

  2. Thanks for the National Buy A Book Day mention. I’m really hoping that this last-minute, very grassroots movement will get some readers into stores. Book lovers unite!

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