Poll: Favorite ADULT novel love interest (Just start swooning now)

Is Eric Northman your ultimate book hottie?

Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman. Bill who?

Well, damn. To say you guys liked the YA love interest poll would be a complete understatement (you can vote here). Heated debates over Russian God Dimitri from Vampire Academy and our snarky boy Jace from The Mortal Instruments laced the comments. Also, you really loved hating on Team Edward. As a matter of fact, to the commenter Emelia who left quite possibly my favorite comment ever, email me. I will send you swag for this line regarding another person comparing Dimitri to Edward Cullen: “Come on, Dimitri doesn’t even sparkle. He fucking shines.” I’m not taking sides, but that made my day.

Moving on…

We all know how much VBC likes to get its swoon on. You like it, too. So after some gentle nudging via Twitter we’re doing the poll again, but this time for those adult novels. A couple quick caveats:

  1. Yes, my favorites are in the poll.
  2. The list was mostly decided upon by our Twitter followers. Want an early say on things like this? Follow @VampBookClub. We run stuff by the Twitter crowd fairly often.
  3. Only one character per series is on the list. I picked Zsadist for the Black Dagger Brotherhood series because he’s my favorite. Wrath, Vishous and Rhevenge all probably deserve space, too, but I only had 10 spaces. So, take to the comments to name your favorites not listed — whether they’re from a series referenced in the poll or not.

Enough notes. Vote. Comment. Make reading suggestions full of guys who will make us wish we lived at the bookstore.

33 Responses to “Poll: Favorite ADULT novel love interest (Just start swooning now)”

  1. Melissa Nataly says:

    Bones! Hands down! 😉 Charisma, looks, charm, the man has the complete set to make a woman go crazy.

  2. Cem says:

    From that list, my pick would easily be Barrons. I love him. Don’t like Bones, Eric or Jean-Claude. Zsadist is pretty hot, but not on my list. Marc would never hit my list. I like him, but he rubs me the wrong way. Jace from Shifters on the other hand… 😉 I adore Jace. I’ve not met the others (yet).

    Along with Jace, I’d also add in Curran (Kate Daniels, Ilona Andrews), Clayton Danvers (The Otherworld, Kelley Armstrong), William (Bayou Moon, Ilona Andrews) and Adam Hauptman (Mercy Thompson, Patricia Briggs) (there seems to be a Shifters theme here…)

    Top from my list…probably Clay, Jace, Curran or Barrons.

  3. srbastian says:

    I had to vote for Barrons. He’s been on top of the book boyfriends list for quite some time. And after Shadowfever I think he’ll be staying there for a long time!

  4. Mariya says:

    You’re killing me. I don’t know who to pick form…BARRONS or BONES! ugh….SO HARD! XD

  5. Isalys says:

    B.O.N.E.S!!! He’s my # 1 book boyfriend!
    I’ve read A LOT of vampire books and Eric led the pack for a while, but that was until I discovered Bones and all his gloriousness! (LOL) He’s sexy, badass, romantic, dangerous, charming and all that with a British accent. I love me some English boys *wiggles eyebrows*

    My other faves are Eric (of course) and Gideon from LOTU by Gena Showalter ♥ I have such a thing for him…I think it’s the electric blue hair :p

  6. Crystal says:

    Bones all the way. Didn’t even have to look at the rest!

  7. Missy says:

    Zsadist! I had to give Jean Claude, Acheron, and Eric, some thought, but when it came down to dark and dirty in the dead of night, it was Zsadist pants, ahem, I mean, hands down!

  8. Chrissie A says:


    If you have him you’ll never want another in any lifetime.

  9. Terra Mae says:

    OH MY GAWWWWWWWD Eric!!!!!!!!!!! So swooning right now.

  10. Angela says:

    I had to vote for my Terrible. I love Bones, Barrons and Zsadist… but, I’ve had Terrible fever since I finished the Downside series. My second pick would probably be Garreth from Kresley Cole’s Immortals after Dark Series.

  11. evilqueen21 says:

    I voted other! How in the world did Curran not make the actual vote?! That’s Blasphemy…Hmmph!:)

  12. DarkBloodyVamp says:

    BONES IS THE ONE FOR ME! Chapter 32 anyone! This vampire can make you melt with his words alone. He is that sexy! Gorgeous, Sexy, Deadly, Dangerous, Charming, Passionate, Suave, Devoted and with a sexy British accent *swoon* is it getting hot or what. 🙂

  13. Vickie says:

    Seriously, pick between these guys? I’ve narrowed it down to 5 (bones, Marc, zsadist, Eric and Jean-Cleade) but I agree with Cem, Clay should be in there!! But I LOVE Alexander Skarsgards portrayal of Eric in true blood. I picked other for Clay so I don’t have to choose though. 😀

  14. sara says:

    Ugh, this was hard. For me it was a toss up between Eric and Zsadist. But since I love the BDB with a terribly unhealthy passion I chose Z. That and I’ve never read The Sookie Stackhouse Series (I really love TV Eric.)

    Sara @ Just Another Story

  15. Lisa says:

    How are you supposed to pick??? Soooo many great choices, if they weren’t then I guess the different series wouldn’t be as popular. JZB definitely leads the pack for me, but leaving Curran out??? Sacrilege. And Bones??? OMG I want my own Bones…. Can I just have one of each??? Oh and Eric rocks…. love me Eric…. Any of the Brotherhood are yummy, love Marc, that’s one kitty who can leave hair in my bed anytime. John Claude and Acheron…I’ll take just about any Dark Hunter…HOT and Adam from Mercy Thompson…there are sooooo many really great male leads, so hard to pick…

    Okay so if I have to pick one….Barrons. JZB just somehow really makes me want him and almost feel a loss in the real world cause I don’t have a JZB myself. And that kills me cause I really want Bones and Curran and Eric…. I could sacrifice the others…..I think, but it would be very painful…..

    Oh man but then what about Terrible….crap how did I forget Terrible? Okay he’s up with Curran and Eric. Love me Bad Boys who are soft for love…..

  16. Jamie says:

    TERRIBLE. Hands down. The best 🙂

  17. Sequoia says:

    BONES. Bones. BONES.

  18. Pick only One!? says:

    BONES, except in the last book he acted like an ass for at least 3 chapters. I still wouldn’t mind meeting Erik in a dark alley.

  19. Erik vs Jean Claude…too hard! Although Erik AND Jean Claude *swoon*

  20. Lisa says:

    This is hard, but it would be Barrons or Marrock from Shayla Blacks Doomsday Brethren series. Then there’s Saloman from Blood on Silk or Micheal Cyprien from Lynn Viehl. Have to include Cian from Nora Roberts Vampires the Circle Trilogy!!!

  21. Ok I know I am more of a lurker on this site, but I had to join in on this one.

    I was stuck between choosing. I mean no Z for me because I am more a V girl myself (tie me up, tie me down baby)….. and Z belongs to my maker Maryse.

    Barrons and Terrible though….oy. Talk about HARD choices! I made my own. It was a Barrons/Terrible combo. A Lily Manwich if you will.

  22. Barrons all the way. But man that was a great poll hon. I would choose them all if I could, but Barrons got the vote. But man these are some tough choices, you’re killing me LOL! Thank you for the poll hon 🙂

  23. Joani S says:

    How many times can I vote??!! I want to pick all of them. Just imagine if we could get them to get together and do an all male revue, a stripshow, it would sell out every single night FOREVER!! Can you just picture them in like hard hats, cowboy outfits, a cop, an indian? HAHAHAH

  24. Zephyr says:

    OMG… I cant vote cos honestly I havent read any of the books, except the Sookie Stackhouse books…

    Having said this I now have a whole new list of books I’m gonna go read!

    Bad thing about this is that my bookcase is already double stacked and I still cant fit all my books in!

    I can say I’m not gonna vote for Eric. He just doesnt do anything for me!

  25. Alison deolarte says:

    Not on the list I have to say… Roman from succubus blues!!! Or maybe Seth.

  26. dmonroe says:

    BONES,BONES,BONES!!! The man has it all in one beautiful sexy package. Close second GARRATH from Immortals after Dark!!

  27. Mari says:


  28. Brekka says:

    My other not on the list would be Daemon Sadi….. *sigh*

  29. Arlia says:

    Ethan was good… until he made that idiotic mistake in Twice Bitten (although he was trying to make up for it in Hard Bitten). I really hope he comes back… 🙁
    I like JZB… in fiction. I would not be able to stand him in reality.
    Acheron was really cool–until his book came out.

    So, I guess I’ll go with Bones or Raphael. Oh, God, this is hard.
    I wish Curran was on the list.


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