Poll: YA love interests who leave you wishing you were 17 again


Alex Pettyfer / Jace Wayland?Over the last two weeks, those who entered our Nightshade giveaway* told us which love interest from a young adult novel tops their list. We expected Vampire Academy’s resident Russian hottie Dimitri Belikov to top out (he did), but almost always his name was in the same breath as that snarky Shadowhunter Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments series.

On a side note, we’re with everyone else in lobbying for Alex Pettyfer to play Jace in the forthcoming City of Bones (TMI #1) movie. Bells and I confirmed we don’t have to feel like dirty old ladies for swooning for Pettyfer, so enjoy the eye candy.

That, however, got us thinking. When we looked at all the entries, we knew more of you would like to weigh in. And plenty of the comments told us you — like the VBC — don’t mind putting yourselves in teenage shoes to swoon over the likes of Dimitri, Jace, Ash, Edward and Peeta. (Lots of love for the boy with the bread.)

So, let’s make it a poll. The top five from the contest entry comments have been put in the poll below — but you are welcome to write in your own suggestions, just be sure to leave a comment with your write-in, too.

We’ll also say we expect some new YA swoon-worthy boys in 2011. We can promise you’ll get a HBWS in Angelfire’s Will and a surprise love interest in Unearthly.

*Thanks to all who entered the Nightshade giveaway. Our winner, Linda, has already claimed her prize. More good giveaways on the horizon. We promise.

225 Responses to “Poll: YA love interests who leave you wishing you were 17 again”

  1. A. says:

    why can’t we choose more than one? xD
    I had to take Dimitri… he’s simply the best xD but i really like Jace and Peeta too^^

  2. faeriecorpse says:

    DIMKA!!! Nobody can top a bad ass russian god!!! Dimitri is so sexy <3<3<3

  3. Stephanie says:

    DIMITRI <33333333

  4. Tutti says:

    I Love Dimiti, He’s the best no one can top Him, he’s a GOD lol

  5. cakens says:

    Dimitri is hot, but i’ve loved Jace longer. There’s just something about a tough, sexy, snarky guy. And when he let’s himself show vulnerability, I just want to swoon. TMI all the way baby!!!!!

  6. Vera says:

    How is fickle Dimitri in the lead? Sorry, but IMO, even sparkly Edward beats him.

    • Emelia says:

      Although you may think Dimitri is ‘fickle’, how could you swoop so low as to comparing him to that disastrous Edward Cullen? I mean, seriously. Come on, Dimitri doesn’t even sparkle. He fucking shines.

      • Samantha says:

        HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!
        Emelia you sre so right. Dimitri all the way….but you were wrong. He doesn’t sparkle. He doesn’t shine. He GLOWS!!!!

      • WishIWasRose says:

        My prince doesn’t wear shiny armour
        My prince doesn’t sparkle either
        My prince is death in a cowboy duster 😉

      • Emelia awesome comeback. Love it Dimitri does shine like the God that he is!!! You had me rolling when you wrote that!!!

      • I mentioned it in today’s post, but Emelia — email me (use the contact us form) and I’ll send you some swag for making my day with that comment.

      • Vickie says:

        Likes, a LOT 😀

      • Jazmin says:

        OK I agree. my prince isn’t from disneyland or even from alicante. He’s from Siberia. Wearing a HOT COWBOY DUSTER. with a freaking schmazing family.

      • Atlanata says:

        And to ‘shine’ is better?
        I rather sparkle.

      • Haneen says:

        Hell yeah! Dimitri will always be better than stupid Cullen. How is Cullen even a hero? Getting some idiot ditz pregnant? Woo freaking hoo. DIMITRI ALL THE WAY!!!!! Comparing a Russian GOD to a sparkly fairy is like comparing Dimitri and Bieber!

    • Atlanata says:

      I agree with you Vera. The only reason he is in the lead for this poll is because girls out there have fallen in love with his looks and ‘charm’.
      I would pick even the sickly sparkly Edward before Dimitri.

  7. Darkrainbow says:


  8. Shay says:

    It was between Dmitri and Jericho Barrons from Karen Marie Monings Fever series. I had to give it to Barrons. Though her writing may be considered a bit more adult than young adult due to some of the explicit sexual content. In which case Dmitri would get my Vote.

    Jace is second though. I think the only reason Jace isn’t first is because I’m a little older and He’s a bit young for me lol.

  9. Maricela says:

    Dimka, yeah. I LOVE Edward, but Dimka, is just awesome, a GOD!!!

  10. Orchid says:

    I have only read TMI and HG, so I voted for Jace. ^_^

  11. Claudia says:

    And the Adrian IVASHKOV? S2

  12. -Nerva- says:

    All good in their own way, but I for Dima.)

  13. Amy says:

    Adrian debería estar en este poll, pero bueno JACE > Dimitri, tiene que ser asi ♥
    Dimitri no me gusta mucho, no se por que xD

  14. Paige says:

    I can’t stand Jade, Edward or Dimitri. I used to like Dimitri but after Spirit Bound and Last Sacrifice, he just wasn’t the same guy to me anymore. I have no idea who Ash is and I don’t really care about Peeta; never read the Iron Fey books and only read the first one of the Hunger Games because I wasn’t interested enough to keep reading.

    So who did I vote for? Giovanni from Rampant/Ascendant by Diana Peterfreund! Now there is a guy that makes me want to swoon (but not actually swoon because I just don’t do that). If given the choice between a god and a regular guy like Giovanni who is my equal, I choose the guy over the god any day.

  15. Noel says:

    Faltan muchos personajes importantes como los de la saga la hermandadde la daga negra.
    Rhage, Whrat, Vishuos, phury, zsadist, Butch, Jhon y mas…

  16. Carmen says:

    Why is Adrian not there!? D:
    .. Oh, fine. I’ll just vote for Dimitri instead then ¬___¬

    VA FTW!

  17. Lit says:

    Jace is so great!!, but Prince Ash is my favorite!!! He´s so gorgeous, brave, sweet and so warm an icy at the same time!!!! I love him!!

  18. Lea says:

    Dimka is an ultimate favorite for me.

  19. Linda says:

    Jace makes me want to be 17 again so of course I had to vote for him, but Dimitri makes me want to stay my age (21)
    (Love Vampire Academy, dont get me wrong, but the age-difference is not something for me – kind of think its gross when a 24-year old guy goes after a 17-year old girl… even though Rose and Dimitri is good togheter)

  20. Mariana says:

    Dimitri Belikov, of course! haha no one in this poll can really come close to the Russian God we all love. He is hot,sexy,beautiful,calm,polite,patient,lovable, and the most amazing fictional character known to women. This really was no hard choice because Dimka is the best!

    • JustDontAsk says:

      Have you read any other series? There should be like a requirement on this poll where you need to read the other books. You probably don’t know Jace is part angel. You probably don’t know Peeta keeps Katniss sane. You probably don’t know Edward (even though i don’t like the books) glitters in the sun instead of burning to death and had lost his parents in influenza. And that Iron Fey is about faeries. Im talking to all of ya who don’t know any other of these books!!! And so do not argue you’ve seen the movies!

      • Eridani says:

        I’ve read all the series but still that does not make a difference about who I love. I’m a true Dimitri fan, yea okay the other ones are hot but no one compares to the tall beauty of the Russian god, Dimitri. Dimka all day!

      • JustDontAsk says:

        Then your good to go hun. I accept your opinion. To tell you the truth though i would want Dimka for only the morning. And then the rest of the day kicking it back with Jace or… Alex Pettyfer (I know he’s not fictional).

  21. charvahon says:

    no one can beat the hotness that is dimitri belikov he rocks all other ya heros tremble before his hotness

  22. Sarah Beth says:

    I had to to pick Jace. I love his witty comments and how truly protective he can be. I so need to be living in a novel right now!! 🙂

  23. Julia says:

    I love Peeta and Jace, I really do. It almost tore me apart to choose Dimitri over the two of them. But, well, Dimitri is a god. 🙂 No one can beat him.

  24. Brianna says:

    I agree why can’t we chose more than one? LOL Dimitri won but Jace, and Ash are great as well.

  25. Thalia says:

    I was torn between Jace and Dimka,

    But I had to go for Jace =]

  26. tete382 says:

    ohhh c’mon Jace is the best ever!!!!!!

    . . .


  27. Midnightflight1 says:

    Jace all the way! Best looking character ever!

  28. bookworm33 says:

    such a hard decision! choose between dimitri and jace?!? almost impossible.

    but i had to so i picked jace. it felt like a betrayal… i guess jace’s arrogance is what makes him so attractive. doesn’t make sense but both of them will always be my love <3

  29. Kmeowz says:

    I feel like I’m cheating on jace. Whose my husband BTW. But Dimitri is a GOD. I will bow down to his sexy, kick my ass, then kiss my bleeding wounds ways anyday. I <3 that bipolar mustard.

  30. Amanda says:

    I was SO torn between Dimitri, Jace and Edward…. but I LOVE Dimka, even though I’m only on the 3rd VA book, and have read all of the Mortal Instruments books, and all of the Twilight books… I had to go with Dimitri…Я тебя люблю Димитрий!

  31. RussiaGirl says:

    Only DIMKA!!!! Русские за русских)))Я тебя люблю, ДМИТРИЙ!!!!!

  32. Vika says:

    Dimitri!!!!!!!! <333 I love him, he is god.)

  33. Vika says:

    Dimka!!! <3

  34. Dalene says:

    Where’s Damon from The Vampire Diaries? Or Erik from Sookie Stackhouse? Why oh why must all these guys be so amazing!! Out of these though I have to say Jace is my favorite!! Yes I know most people are saying Dimitri, and I do love him, but Jace is just ideal in my opinion.

  35. Pick only One!? says:

    I can’t do it, I want them all! Sorry Edward had to go with Super Bad Ass Dimitri on this one. He could so win a kick your butt match. Then again Jase is a close second in that one. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GUYS WILL ONLY LET US PICK ONE. NO ONE CAN PICK JUST ONE, I WANT THEM ALL!!!!:)

  36. Lilith says:

    Are you CRAZY?!?!! Jace is the BEST!!! Dimitri is maybe okay, but Jace is TOTALLY SEXY!!!! CIty of Bones is the best book I ever read!!! You Looser vote for Academy 😛

  37. Rebecca says:

    OK, so here’s my opinion, not meant to offend anybody. Peeta is a sweet guy, but honestly, he’s too sensitive. I want a guy who can protect me AND give me flowers too. Jace is hot, yeah, but when I read the books I got sort of grossed out by the plot (no matter how good the ending) I just couldn’t accept Jace as swoon material anymore. Prince Ash, well, I haven’t even read those books yet (I’ll get around to it eventually), so I can’t say if I hate or love him. Edward…why is he even on this poll? He’s the least attractive guy in the fantasy world. He’s a control freak, undead, and cowardly. He doesn’t do anything heroic in the books. He just constantly banters about worrying over a cowardly girl. Twilight is not even relateable. None of the characters or plot are realistic in the least. I picked Dimitri because of how strong a character he is. He’s not portrayed as perfect no matter what you people think. He has a vulnerable side that he rarely shows like most guys act. He’s also kind and definitely a force to be reckoned with. AND (besides the whole vampire plot) the story is relateable to life. Highschool and freindships and love are all pretty realistic to what goes on in reality. I like that. <3 Dimka all the way

  38. RussianGiirl2(: says:

    Дмитрий (Dmitriy)(L), of course !!!

  39. JustDon'tAsk says:

    Then your fine hun. I’m just talking to those who don’t you just happened to be one i picked on. But i chose Jace so… Dimka is fine and smexy I just don’t feel that way for him. All that sex parts got me turned off and all.

  40. LIZZIE says:

    okay seriously why is edward on this poll ?! i never got much love from him when reading the books, and he turned bella into a vampire. he’s sending her to hell. dimitri would never do that to rose, even though when he was strigoi he tried to turn her then kill her… BUT thats different that wasnt actually him. he’s everything a girl would want in a guy : he’s sexy, strong, protective, and he has a genuine love for rose . and a lot of people are like the whole age difference is gross, ummm its really not that uncommon. it just shows that age is just a number when it comes to love.
    and people please stop calling him Dimka ! thats not even his name ! that’s what the crazy woman, tasha called him. and it looses his sexiness . dimitri is way sexier or D.

  41. ROZA says:

    Dimitri!!!!!!!! I also love Edward but Dimitri rules!!!!! I love him so much, He’s gorgeous, clever, protective,kind, helpful, RUSSIAN and awesome

  42. Yumi says:


  43. Renata says:

    DIMKA!!! ALL THE WAY!! he’s so badass, and still has a weaker side to him <3 <3

  44. Leticia says:

    I’ve read TMI, VA, and The Hunger Games; i was torn between Jace and Dimitri and Peeta was just ovet there —> but I had to pick Jace, I love him and I grew fond of him, and I’ve known him longer; and Dimirti is smexy so it was a hard decision, but at last i picked Jace, who knew this would be so hard to pick?!?!?! (BTW I don’t really care for Twilight)


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