Review: A Sliver of Shadow by Allison Pang (Abby Sinclair #2)


A Sliver of Shadow by Allison PangA Sliver of Shadow (Abby Sinclair #2)
Allison Pang
Published: Feb. 28, 2012 (Pocket)
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Rating (out of 5): 5 stars

Note: While this review does not contain spoilers for A Sliver of Shadow it may make reference to events of A Brush of Darkness. If you’ve yet to start the series, please read the VBC review of book one.

Remember how you fell in love with Brystion in A Brush of Darkness? I didn’t think anyone would be more appealing to me in Abby’s world.

I. Was. Wrong.

So very wrong. We come back into Abby’s world eight months after the end of the first book. Brystion broke up with Abby because it “just wouldn’t work” with him being an immortal incubus and her being a human, albeit one with serious fae ties. Moira placed her brother Talivar as Abby’s bodyguard. And they fell into a complementary friendship — both caring for Moira’s son.

Talivar is emotionally wounded, an outcast and recognizes Abby’s strength. And, honestly, after spending more than 350 pages with him — I just want to climb the guy like a tree. I love the way he interacts with Abby and the obvious burdens that come with being the unwanted royal.

A Sliver of Shadow isn’t about Talivar, though. It’s about a struggle for power. (Isn’t it always with the fae?) Once again, Abby’s found herself mixed up in the Fairy Court’s troubles. In order to help, she has to challenge her past. She’s given access to missing memories and reconciling the truth and the implications on her life forces her into a more mature role.

All the characters are dealing with regret in A Sliver of Shadow. Many want to wish away past deals, others past hurts and most of all those past actions that read like betrayal in hindsight. There’s a beautiful story arc of Abby — and others — making the move to make peace with her life, without foregoing the snort-induing one-liners.

After you’ve finished, you’ll love Abby even more. You’ll care about Taliver and Ion. You’ll be enraptured in the drama of the Crossroads. And you may be tempted to immediately re-read.

Snarky, sexy and action-packed, A Sliver of Shadow is a must-read.

Sexual content: Sex and plenty of sexual references (Phineas is around, after all.)

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  1. Annie @ UTC says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ve just added it to my TBR pile!

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