Review: One Grave at a Time by Jeaniene Frost (Night Huntress #6)


One Grave at a Time by Jeaniene FrostOne Grave at a Time (Night Huntress #6)
Jeaniene Frost
Published: Aug. 30, 2011 (Avon)
Purchase at: Book Depository, B&N or Amazon

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Note: This review is spoiler-free, however, it makes reference to events in earlier Night Huntress books. If you’re new to the series, take a look at my review of Halfway to the Grave.

Cat’s always interesting when dealing with the ‘borrowed’ powers she gets from drinking other vampires’ blood, but in One Grave at a Time she’s still coping with the results of ingesting Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau’s blood in This Side of the Grave. It was worth it, sure, to keep the peace, but now the house is surrounded by ghosts who are all lovey-dovey with Cat. And, well, it’s driving Bones a bit bonkers. With the exception of Fabian, those of the spectral persuasian must stay outside the house. But ghosts needing to feel a connection to the mortal realm via ghoul-powered Cat would be easier to handle if one malevolent spirit wasn’t tormenting and killing human women for sport.

Vampires can see ghosts, but Cat can do something about it. Maybe. When she’s commissioned to help stop Heinrich, Cat and Bones must figure out how you kill something that doesn’t have a body and is already dead. If this ghost can hit you, but you can’t hit it back, how do you stop it?

The ghost in question is the writer of the Malleus Maleficarum — a.k.a. The Witches Hammer, the book used as source material for the witch hunt to quell free-thinking women centuries ago. He’s still out to punish human women he deems witches, and he’s not too fond of Cat, either.

One Grave at a Time forces Cat to think about how her supernatural gifts truly work. The way Jeaniene Frost brings the ghosts into the Night Huntress world is clever, and with enough twists to keep you shaking your head. Though, I’ll admit, I was surprised Bones didn’t catch on to one thing a bit sooner. He tends to think three steps ahead of both Cat and me. Still, Cat and I were on the same page; so, I’m calling it a win.

Fall into (Urban) Fantasy with VBC and MBWWhile the majority of the book is focused on the action — people are going to die, if they don’t fix things — Frost does take time to give Cat and Bones a little alone time. It’s a memorable scene and echoed something fans of Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series will appreciate. I won’t spoil it. Just know, it illuminates the connection between Cat and Bones and, of course, brings the sexy.

As with every Night Huntress novel, One Grave at a Time will give you three things: breakneck action, chest-clutching love and laugh-out-loud one-liners you’ll be inclined to write down. Quick-paced and cleverly plotted, One Grave at a Time is a solid addition to the Night Huntress catalog.

Sexual content: You bet. I mean, detailed sex scene.

2 Responses to “Review: One Grave at a Time by Jeaniene Frost (Night Huntress #6)”

  1. Naj says:

    Awesome! I have this book on its way and I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the review!

  2. Kimberly (HapKro) says:

    I give it 5 out of 5 stars! I was not disappointed….except that I could not put it down and it was over before I knew it! 😉

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