Review: Passion Ignites Part 4 by Donna Grant (Dark Kings #7.4)


Passion Ignites Part 4 by Donna Grant // VBCPassion Ignites: Part 4 (Dark Kings #7.4)
Donna Grant
Published: Nov. 3, 2015
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Review source: copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Amanda

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Note: This is part four in a four part serial. While this review is spoiler free, it may reference events in parts one (review here), two (review here), and three (review here), as well as previous books in the series.

Relieved that Lexi’s safe at Dreagan and out of harms’ way, Thorn turns his attention to fighting back the Dark in the streets of Edinburgh. As he battles alongside Constantine though, he learns the distillery is under attack. The dragons rush to Dreagan, puzzled by what they find. If the Dark weren’t after the weapon, why were they on the property in the first place?

The Kings find out soon enough—and Thorn discovers Lexi is missing. Nothing will keep him from going after her, even if it means walking into a trap.

The final chapter in Passion Ignites has a few surprises in store, sneaked in around the almost non-stop action. Thorn and the rest of the Kings go from fighting the Dark in various cities to fighting the Dark on their home turf, and the results have the potential to ripple hard and long through their ranks for years, possibly decades, to come. The cracks splitting the different factions are growing deeper and wider. Everyone’s plotting against the other, and it’s only a matter of time before those cracks cause a divide so divisive all those carefully laid plans will have to come tumbling into the open.

Lexi might find herself captive, but she’s not exactly sitting around, waiting to be rescued. Over and over, she proves herself to be capable and resourceful, and she never gives up hope that she’ll get back to Thorn.

We get some more hints at who Rhi’s King is, and Balladyn does a smashing job of making his case for Rhi’s heart. The Fae might be Dark, but you wouldn’t know it by his actions. His feelings for Rhi are deep, complex, and potent, and he just might win her yet. Does it make me a bad person that I’m rooting for him? I mean, yeah, he likes to feed off human souls, but you can forgive him for that, right? He’s absolutely, positively, one hundred percent devoted to Rhi, and I kinda love him for it.

Donna Grant keeps the story moving, racing from one incident to the next with little downtime, which is as it should be. The Kings know that leaving Lexi in the hands of her captor for too long means Very Bad Things for both Lexi and Thorn, and they move together almost immediately. By the end, everyone’s exhausted, some are injured, and one person’s fate hangs in the balance. Change is coming to the Fae, both the Light and the Dark, and how that plays out in the battle for control of the Kings will be interesting to see.

Sexual content: graphic sex

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