We cast the Vampire Academy movie

Sophia Bush

Could Sophia Bush be our Rose Hathaway?

Last week Richelle Mead announced Vampire Academy has been optioned for a film by Preger Entertainment. (You may all cheer now.) Options are just that, though. The film is in the baby phase of producers pitching it to studios. So, while it may or may not happen (read Richelle’s reminder about not getting our hopes up), we can all start thinking about our dream cast.

It’s time to play armchair casting director! We nudged a few of you on Twitter for your suggestions, added our own, and here are the top picks for actors to portray our three leads: Rose, Dimitri and Lissa.

Rose Hathaway
Dhampir. Fiesty. Stubborn.

1. Sophia Bush (pictured top right). You know her from the TV series One Tree Hill. (Shhh! She was also in that movie John Tucker Must Die.)

Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes as Dimitri? Maybe.

2.  Nikki Reed. Don’t be like that, readers. She is more than Twilight, and can be hard a la Thirteen. My only concern is she may not be able to look young enough. Remember, she’s naturally a brunette (see what we mean).

3. Missy Peregrym. She’s been on a slew of TV shows including Reaper and Life as We Know It and starred in the movie Stick It. (See a photo)

Dimitri Belikov
Guardian. Russian. Controlled.

1. Ben Barnes (pictured right). Prince Caspian could pull off that Eastern European accent, right?

2. Taylor Kitsch. You’ve seen him in on TV’s Friday Night Lights and the X-Men prequel movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine (he played Remy LeBeau). Enough talk, just view the picture.

Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron: From cheerleader to reluctant royal?

Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir
Moroi. Royalty. Spirit User.

1. Hayden Panettiere. The cheerleader from Heroes has the Moroi look (photo).

2. Julianna Guill. Lesser known, for sure. She’s been on TV in short runs and in movies like Friday the 13th, but we’ll but her in the maybe pile for Lissa. (See the photo)

3. Dianna Agron (pictured right). Another cheerleader, this time from Glee. While on the show her look is more fierce than Lissa would ever want, she has the right Moroi physique and can look very soft. If you’re going to be Lissa you need to be a bit willow-y.

You can get updates on the progress of the Vampire Academy film by liking the Official Vampire Academy Movie on Facebook or following @OfficialVAMovie’s tweets.

243 Responses to “We cast the Vampire Academy movie”

  1. Lydia says:

    Well, do you know who is casting? because i know how so many people have worked as an actor in their careers, i am looking for a break through for mine, and would like to play the role of Rose Hathaway, I read these because i love to read, and like vampire fiction. My social worker showed me them and i couldnt stop reading, she said i reminded her of rose, so if anyone could help me in finding the casting director for it. It would be helpful.

  2. amanda says:

    i think you guys should cast the guy who plays sam winchester on supernaturl he would make a ggreat dimka

    • Hathaway says:

      You mean Jared Padalecki? He is a great actor and I totally love him, but I dont think he would make a great Dimitri. Ben Barnes is the one and only!<3

    • Angel says:

      me to sam wincester from supernatural is an amazing actor but chris hensworth could make a good dimitri

  3. Morgan says:

    They should cast Taylor Swift as Lissa, Sophia Bush as Rose and Ben Barnes as Dimitri

  4. ME says:

    Bridget Mendler as Lissa, Ben Barnes as Dimitri and maybe an unknown new actress for Rose ?

  5. tuğba says:


  6. Jolie says:

    I think that Phoebe Tonkin would be awesome for Rose and Claire Holt for Sydney Sage. As for Lissa, I think that numbers 1 and 3 would be awesome…

  7. MRB says:

    sophia bush for rose, ben barnes for dimitri and diana agron

  8. VA says:

    My cast list:

    Rose Hathaway – Meghan Ory
    Dimitri Belikov – Greg Vaughan.
    Lissa Dragomir- Sarah Lind.
    Sonya Karp – Maggie Gyllenhall
    Adrian – Hayden Christensen
    Mia Rinaldi – Britt Robertson
    Janine Hathaway – Martina Mcbride
    Sydney – Kristen Stewart
    Christian Ozera: Tom Sturridge
    Mason Ashford: Chace Crawford

  9. Liv says:

    I think this actor, Dean Geyer, would make an amazing Adrian. Or even Christian: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/14900000/Dean-Geyer-dean-geyer-14980642-454-644.jpg

  10. Savannah says:

    The other two are fine, i guess. But Vasilisa Dragomir needs to be cast as Amanda Seyfried. Nobody could play that part better.

  11. Teresa says:

    Are you kidding me? Lissa’s picks are all wrong, she’s supposed to be tall and skinny with no curves and barely any boobs but you’ve picked short girls with huge racks. What the hell… Rose is supposed to be the curvy one.

  12. Haley says:

    They are thinking about megan fox for rose. Shes all wrong for rose it should be someone beautiful and fiesty with a cocky sense to them. Megans to slutty. Lissa needs to be shy and more trusting than she should be. ALso a little helpless too. Christian should have someone with a very fierce personality to them. Or that can act like that good. Dimitri needs someone whos quiet and in control-part of the time, and a fierce attitude about moroi as much as Rose. Adrian needs someone whos gorgeous and has a carefree attiditude that can mask his love for rose, but still express it in a way thats obvisous but not so.
    Rose: Sophia Bush
    Lissa:Stephanie Pratt (of course shed need to dye her hair back to the bleach blonde)
    Christian: Chase Crawford?
    Dimitri: Ben Barnes
    Adrian: Christ Egan

  13. Sam says:

    Odette Yustman as Rose! I know there should be new people for all parts but I really do think she looks EXACTLY like rose in my head. And someone new for Dimitri as noone famous is that beautiful!

  14. Sara says:

    This was like 2 years ago so…..i think the movie is gonna be made….but i really hope it does!!!

  15. Sara says:

    This was 2 years aho and I dont think the movie will be made but….i realllllllllly hope it does!

  16. nala says:

    oneday i look for a video on youtube then i found this girl, she’s really the right picture of Rose in my mind. I dont have any picture of hers but you can see her on youtube (ID: ForeverYours0727), or maybe the girl in the VA first book’s cover. She’s cool enough to be Rose 🙂

    I’d also like to propose Ben Barnes or Taylor Kitsch for Dimitri, and Taylor Swift for Lissa 🙂

  17. briana says:


  18. Christianslover says:

    I think the actor that plays Dean winchester in Supernatural should be dimitri!!!!!!

  19. Taylor Kitsch as Dimitri! Definitely! He is just drool-worthy.
    None of the roses are good. They are all horrid, except maybe Missy Peregrym. This are my choices:
    Rose- Odette Yustman
    Lissa- Laura Ramsey, Elizabeth Harnois or Dianna Agron
    Dimitri- Taylor Kitsch
    Christian- Gaspard Ulliel (he played in the movie Hannibal, and I developed a tiny crush)
    Adrian- Chace Crawford or Ian Somerhalder
    Mason- Dustin Milligan
    Tatiana- Julie Andrews (Before you say anything, she makes a good queen and she’s a great actor)
    Janine- Julianne Moore
    Jill- Jodelle Ferland (she’s so cute, and she plays ‘BREE’ in Twilight. She’d be perfect)
    Abe- Robert Downey Jr.
    Sydney- Daisy Masterman (this is official, by the way. Just go to the VA website)

    • Sophie says:

      I totally agree with all your characters, other then Lissa :L
      I can’t find the perfect Lissa or Rose anywhere ._.
      Anyways i hope that they pick Chance or Ian for Adrian! Those are the two that i wanted iswell :’] (I have a crush on adrian <3)

  20. Alex says:

    People SEAN FARIS for Dimitri. he is already badass from Never Back Down and he is sooooo HOT!

  21. Kat says:

    In my opinion I feel they should cast actors for the students who are 1) unknown and 2) close to their age. That way when the unknown who plays rose gets a huge movie deal after this series, the producers could take credit in starting her career and the characters would be more believable if you have a 17-18 year old playing rose and lissa than a 25 year old playing them. Just my opinion

  22. Baby D says:

    Okay this is who people and I think : Rose: Sophia Bush Lissa : Hilary Duff I guess? Dimtri: Ben Barnes or Stuart Townsend Adrian: Ian Someharder Christian: Alex Petyfiyer Mia :Tha girl who played off of soul surfer tha 1 with her arm bit off Eddie: James Franco Mason : Gale off of Hunger Games

  23. Ciar says:

    Rose-someone new
    Dimtri-Ben Barnes
    Lissa-Annasophia Robb
    Christian-Logan Lerman
    Mason-Josh Hutcherson
    Adrian-Chase Crawford
    Mia-Chloe Moretz
    Tasha-Zooey deschanel
    sydney-chelsea kane
    Abe-Johnny Depp
    Eddie-Carter Jenkins
    Jill-zoey deutch

  24. theresa says:

    kristen Stewart as Sydney? Really? That is your pick for Sydney? I think if she was cast in this movie, its pretty much a safe bet that this movie would SUCK. She is such a horrible actrees.. She must know somebody in the business cause i honestly dont know how she gets so many acting gigs.

    If Eliza Dushku was younger she would be AMAZINg for Rose.

  25. Danielle says:

    I think the second choice for Lissa because she looks fragile and could be strong. You need a curvy girl for Rose and Ben Barnes for Dimitri because he looks the part.

  26. VampireAcademyLoverForever says:

    NOOOOOOOOO Sophia Bush She’s Too Old To Play Rose Who’s 17 And She’s 30 and if you’ve read the books you know how beautiful they discribe rose i just don’t think sophia bush good in enough to be rose

    Rose…………. Odette Annable
    Lissa………… Sara Paxton
    Dimitri……… Ben Barnes/Henry Cavill
    Adrian……… Chace Crawford
    Christian….. Gaspard Ulliel
    Eddie………. Logan Lerman
    Sydney……. Danielle Campbell
    Mia………… Anna Sophia Robb

    The rest of the cast idk

  27. elena says:

    I think that the other characters are ok, but NOT Ben Barnes as Dimitri. Dimitri has to be the most charming actor, and someone with muscles. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE A LOT OF PEOPLES FAVORITE CHARACTER IS DIMITRI. Henry Cavill is much better.

  28. Joanna says:

    I always pictured someone like Jared Padalecki from Supernatural as Dimitri. He has the height and build plus he’s a great actor. Not sure about the rest of the cast. It would be hard. Hollywood probably won’t get it right anyway.

  29. Andrea says:

    Rose- Sophia Bush
    Dimitri- Ben Barnes
    Lissa- Brittany Snow
    Christian- Logan Lerman
    Adrian- Chase Crawford
    Mason- Rupert Grint
    Eddie- Mitch Hewer
    Abe- Johnny Depp
    Mia- Ashley Olsen

  30. Softeis says:

    Dimitri: BEN BARNES
    Christian: ?
    Mason: ?
    Eddie: Josh Hutcherson
    Mia: ?

  31. Kara says:

    i think that one of the girls that they have suggested for bot ose and Lissa would be good. No so much for Demtri though. i think that maybe Paul Wesley would be a good Demtri. I know he plays and The Vampire Diaries and you don’t wantto cast like that or whatever, but Paul makes a pretty hot vampire so I think tha he will make an equally hothalf vampire. I know that he doesn’t the long hair but thats ok. i just think that he woud make a good Demtri because he is very muscular but not in the gross to buff way, in the hot and sexy way. and Andrea i think that Johnny Depp would be a perfect fit for Abe also.

  32. VALover says:

    Rose: Sophia Bush/Missy Peregrym
    Dimitri: Ben Barnes/Jared Padalecki
    Adrian: Chace Crawford
    Lissa: Laura Ramsey/Dianna Agron
    Christain: Gaspard Ulliel/Tom Sturridge
    Mia: Ashley Benson/Taylor Momsen
    Sydney: Daisy Masterman
    Abe: Richard Armitage
    Mason: Jeremy Sumpter
    Eddie: Penn Badgely
    Tasha: Zooey Deschanel
    Jill: Emily Browning
    Janine: Melinda Clark

    I know some of them are too old but i still like them and think they are good for the role!

  33. Peggy says:

    Everyone has a different image of what every character will look like.
    So im so excited to see who they pick, becasue whoever they pick im sure will do it justice….theyll have to otherwise…well lets not go there 😛 But be realistic, they will not pick well known actors that we all know!!!.. as it wont make the film as believeable and it would be studip. So. anyone whos picking well known celebs as their “dream cast” prepare to have your “dreams” crushed…just saying. Richelle mead even said they are look for ‘new and unknown talent’ to play the leads, so who knows, who they do pick might even be better. Also seriously, anyone who wants Sohpie bush, Lindsay fonseca and Elizabeth harnois, Theresa palmer,Missy peregrym, Odette yutsman(who would be a great Karolina Belikov js), Dianna Agron.. etc…sure they LOOK the part and are all beautiful but they are also all nearing 30 years or more and by the time they get around to filming theyll be even older..and lets just take a moment to realise that the 2 main characters are between 17 and 18.

    Just a side note. Dont mean to sound rude. Like im sure hes a lovely guy and all, but anyone who honestly thinks that Jared Padalecki is hotter than Ben Barnes((who btw CAN ACTUALLY SPEAK RUSSIAN)) seriously needs to sit the fuck down, reflect on and reevaluate your taste and probably your eyesight too. Just my opinion though. That is all.

  34. Peggy says:

    ODETTE YUTSMAN AS KAROLINA BELIKOV!!!!! Haha just to be different.but seriously though.
    for me personally this is who i think
    Dimitri: BEN BARNES
    Christian: DOUGLAS BOOTH
    Mason: ALEX NIFONG
    ive also though about the entire cast but dont want to write out every character lol.

  35. Celene says:

    In my mind this is who should play the rolls!

    Rose: Jessica Lowndes
    Lissa: Amanda Joy Michalka (havent found a true Lissa yet)
    Dimitri: Ben Barnes
    Adrian: Beau Mirchoff
    Christain: Adam Gregory
    Eddie: Penn Badgely
    Mason: Jeremy Sumpter
    Mia: Ashley Benson
    Janine: Darby Stanchfield
    Abe: Richard Armitage
    Jill: Emily Browning
    Jesse: Asher Brook
    Headmistress Kirova: Tina Fey
    Queen Titana: Meryl Streep
    Sonya Karp: Emma Thompson
    Victor: Jeff Daniels
    Natalie: Danielle Panabaker
    Tasha: Zooey Deschanel
    Sydney: Taylor Momsen
    Alberta: Maria Bello
    i have the entire cast made up, but it would be too much room to post it all! And for those of you spelling names wrong Dimitri’s name is with an I not and E! Just saying!! And for those who like Taylor Kitsch i think he would make a good Nathan!

  36. Katie says:

    I really have no idea who I would cast as these characters. I just think they should be not well known actors but actors who can put more life into these characters. In my opinion Ben Barnes is just not sexy enough to play Dimitri.

  37. divya baranwal says:

    Dimitri is perfect… no one else can take his place as for Rose, well I guess if Sophia can be both sexy and fierce hen it is a perfect match though i wouldnt mind giving megan fox a try… She definitely has those features. As for lissa Dianna Agro is perfect….

  38. divya baranwal says:

    I up Johnny Depp as Abe and Clarisse Renaldi as Queen Tatiana
    zac effron as mason
    Chace crawford as adrian
    hillary duff as sydney

  39. Jennifer says:

    i think Lucy Hale should be rose ! and as Lissa i think Hayden 😀

  40. b. says:

    Hey guys,
    all of you are wrong, this movie won’t be with any of the persons above, at least if they don’t react me. A girl in the Netherlands will produce this movie. She is only fourteen years old, what doesn’t mean that she hasn’t got enough experience. She wil be the one that plays Rose Hathaway, a friend of her is playing Vasilisa Dragomir. there are still a lot charters left so if you live in the Netherlands or around there, you speak the right language (English or Dutch, and you would like to play in a movie,react.
    How I know all of this? I am that girl, this is a serious planned movie. We already are writing the script. It is a lot of work, but then we can make this movie. All of the trailers on youtube are FAKE by the way. We stil searching for the right persons for:
    And of course we are searching for people who wants to walk through the background or fight at the background
    of course I prefer Ian Sommerhalder or Robert Pattingson as Dimitri but, hey! I don’t think they will just walk through my door, so stop dreaming and start acting. We can make the perfect movie of this book, so let’s do that.
    I’ve already got experience with scriptwriting, acting, and directing. I also search people for the crew.
    I hope I got some reactions this way, hopefully good one’s. This isn’t a dream, this is a real mesage to you guys, to help me
    I hope some of you will help me, making this the perfect movie…

  41. Merrick Schaive says:

    Rose and Lissa are all wrong. I think the girl who played Katness for Rose. Jared Padelecki of the guy who plays Matty on Awkward for Demitri.

  42. vampireacademyfan says:

    Rose – Odette Yustman(she is just like i pictured rose, and she looks very young) or Phoebe Tonkin(“badass”, looks just like rose, she is young)

    Dimitri – Ben Barnes(the only one<3, russian accent, the look 100%!) I dont like anyone else like him,taylor kitsch is a good actor but he is too…yeah i dont know i dont like him)

    Lissa: I like Dakota Fanning as Lissa, she is young and a really good actress. nr 2 is Dianna Argon i think.

  43. lauren says:

    elisabeth harnois for Lissa
    DEFINETELY NIKKI REED for Rose. Nikki’s got the whole look if she had darker hair, tanned, pretty, brown eyes and plus she’s already done a vampire movie.

    I do like Ben Barnes for Dimitri BUT… TYLER BLACKBURN is also good although he doesn’t look old enough.

  44. Hello says:

    Yeah elisabeth harnois is just how i pictured lissa! But for me ben barnes is the number one dimitri

  45. lizbeth says:

    I love the book

  46. monica says:

    Ben Barnes as Dimitri oh dear lord please.

  47. katelyn says:

    I can’t wait for this moive to come out. I just started reading the books a couple weeks ago and I just fell in love with them. I like the idea of robert pattingson as Dinitri. I wish everybody that has been working with the moive the best of luck finding the perfect charcters for the moive. well byee

  48. .. says:

    bill nyghy as victor, he would be perfect plus he has already played a victor 😛

  49. Monique says:

    I think Ben Barnes is absolutellly perfect. And same with Zooey Deschanel as Tasha, Xavier Samuel as Eddie and Chase Crawford as Adrian. I think the rest should be new actors. Like Harry Potter. Dan, Emma and Rupert are now superstars and HP was a great success. It could totally work for VA.
    I have a few ideas for Rose, Lissa, Jill etc. but to tell the truth, they will probably be waaaay too old by the time they shoot the movies. The actors also need to look their age over the 6 VA books and so far 3 BL books, which are really set in a short amount of time so they need to be pretty young. Not to sound up myself or something but I reckon I look a little like Jill. I have light brown hair and trust me it will do the wild untamed look that Jill has all by itself. I also have green eyes but they are probably too dark for the jade-green. I could pull off the height really well unfortuneatly -_-

  50. sophia says:

    I think …
    Ben Barnes-Dimitri
    Sophia Bush / Rose-Anna Popplewell
    Taylor Swift-Lissa
    tom felton-adrian
    Georgie Henley / Dakota Blue Richards-My
    tabrett bethell-Sydney
    Craig Horner-Abe

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