You Need a Taste of Love Me to Death (Excerpt)


Love Me to Death by Marissa Clarke // VBC ReviewThe team here at Vampire Book Club like vampires. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. We’ve read a lot of vampire books. I mean, seriously. A lot. We love when a new one comes along and makes us catch our breath and do a double take. That’s Marissa Clarke’s Love Me to Death. If you read Amy’s review last week, you know it earned a VBC stamp of approval. She actually went so far as to say it has the sexiest vampire transformation ever. High praise, folks.

So, because sometimes you need a little more, we sweet talked Entangled publishing to giving us a tasty excerpt to give a hint as to why you’re going to like the hero and heroine in this one.

“Some things are worth dying for,” Elena said.

He shook his head. “Many things are worth dying for. Love is not among them. Love is a fabrication of humans to glamorize and rationalize desire.”

“You’re wrong.”

“I’m not. Lust and desire alone drive us, regardless of species. The lust for power…” He ran his hands down her arms, and she trembled. A smile pulled his lips as he placed them next to her ear. “The lust for pleasure…” His breath tickled as his wicked hands moved to her waist and slowly traveled up her sides, around the swell of her breasts, and rested on her shoulders, leaving her a trembling mess. “Pure lust and desire. Nothing else. Love does not exist.”

Elena struggled to control her ragged breaths and slow her misfiring heart. His simple touch made her lose control. She was on fire, and it made no sense. None at all. She opened her eyes and met his in the mirror.

He leaned down to her ear again. “Is what you are feeling right now love?”

“Of course not.” She was relieved her voice came out solid and not breathy.

“Most humans would confuse what you are feeling with that tender, fictitious emotion.” He bit her earlobe, and she swayed a bit. His grip on her shoulders tightened. “What exactly are you feeling, Elena Arcos?”

It was bad enough he was going to kill her. Torturing her was beyond sporting. She straightened and lifted her chin, meeting his eyes directly in the mirror. “Lust. Pure, unadulterated lust.”

He grinned.

“But not lust for you. Lust for a shower, you asshole. Take your hands off of me.”

His grip on her shoulders tightened.

A spike of fear shot through her. Perhaps being a bitch wasn’t the way to go. “Get your hands off of me, please.”

He chuckled and lifted his hands. He knew. He knew what he did to her, and it was infuriating.

So, VBC readers, what do you think? Is Love Me to Death in your to-read pile?

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