Lynsay Sands Guest Post & Giveaway: Anders love letter to Valerie

Lynsay Sands Guest Post & Giveaway: Anders love letter to Valerie Lynsay Sands knows how to write a romance that readers get wrapped up in. Today we have a special treat in seeing this love letter from Anders to Valerie, the hero and heroine of her upcoming book Immortal Ever After. (Character Love Letters always brings the romance, though.) The latest Argeneau book will release on Feb. 26, though you can pre-order it now. If you’re not current with the vampire...

Nina Berry Guest Post & Giveaway: Caleb’s Letter to Dez

Nina Berry Guest Post & Giveaway: Caleb’s Letter to Dez I love teen romance novels. The do-or-die of it all. And the kissing, which we’ve probably talked about here at VBC more than we should have. Today we have Nina Berry on the blog, author of the YA romance Othermoon. She shares Caleb’s love letter to Dez for Character Love Letters and, trust me, you’ll enjoy hearing the guy admit his love for her. As an added bonus, we have a copy of Othermoon to...

Chloe Neill Guest Post & Giveaway: Jeff’s love letter to Fallon

Chloe Neill Guest Post & Giveaway: Jeff’s love letter to Fallon Any fan of Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires series knows there’s more to it than just Merit and Ethan. The full cast of characters make the world come alive. In recent novels we’ve seen Jeff Christopher, shifter and computer whiz, fall for the alpha’s sister Fallon. He may still crush on Merit, but his heart belongs to Fallon. While we’re all antsy for tomorrow’s...

Diana Pharaoh Francis Guest Post & Giveaway: Horngate Witches, food and ugly juice

Diana Pharaoh Francis Guest Post & Giveaway: Horngate Witches, food and ugly juice From Chelsea/VBC: Today we’re turning the blog over to the fantastic Diana Pharaoh Francis. Her latest Horngate Witches novel Blood Winter releases on Dec. 18. Like me, she’s excited about all the food that comes with the holiday season. Turning it over to Di… Hi everyone! Thank you for having me here. I’m really excited! I was pondering what to write about for awhile and I realized...

Regan Summers Guest Post & Giveaway: Making Modern Vampires

Regan Summers Guest Post & Giveaway: Making Modern Vampires From Chelsea / VBC: Super happy to have Regan Summers on the blog again. Her Night Runner books are big on action and awesome. Make sure to read to the end for your chance to win Running in the Dark! Thank you so much for hosting me again, Chelsea. I’m so pleased to be here! I love my vampires dark and mysterious, and occasionally fatal. A tortured past never hurts. Simmering sensuality is pretty much...

My Favorite Monster with Allison Pang

My Favorite Monster with Allison Pang From Chelsea/VBC: This is the third in a series of spook-tacular posts leading up to Halloween. I’ve invited a few friends to fill us in on their favorite monsters. Today author Allison Pang talks about her love of werewolf movies. If you haven’t already, you should check out her Abby Sinclair novels. Love them. First book is A Brush of Darkness. Although I don’t consider myself a horror fan,...

Karina Cooper on Enemies to Lovers: Parker and Simon

Karina Cooper on Enemies to Lovers: Parker and Simon Note from Chelsea/VBC: I adore Karina Cooper’s novels. Her Dark Mission series offers excellent world building with a huge wallop of sexy. I strongly suggest starting with the first book in the series Blood of the Wicked (VBC review), and continuing from there. Today Karina agreed to stop by and talk about the volatile nature of the couple in Sacrifice the Wicked (Dark Mission #4): Parker and Simon....

Lexi George Guest Post & Giveaway: Triumph of a frumpy girl

Lexi George Guest Post & Giveaway: Triumph of a frumpy girl Hi, y’all! I’m excited to be visiting the Vampire Book Club today to talk about Demon Hunting in the Deep South, book 2 in the snarky paranormal series about demon hunters in Alabama. It’s the story of Ansgar, a frosty, emotionless demon hunter who melts like an ice cube on a hot July sidewalk when he meets shy, self-conscious Evie Douglass. Evie has spent most of her life trying to stay under the...

Kira Brady Guest Post & Giveaway: Supernatural Seattle

Kira Brady Guest Post & Giveaway: Supernatural Seattle Supernatural Seattle was made famous by our sparkly neighbors in Forks, but we had a rich mythic tradition long before vampires showed up in our woods. The Pacific Northwest Native Americans tell tales about the Giant Animal People who lived before humans came to these shores. The animal people are shape shifters: they can turn between animal and human form by pulling back their beaks like a mask and...

Amanda Bonilla Guest Post & Giveaway: Throwing books and character frustration

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Amanda Bonilla Guest Post & Giveaway: Throwing books and character frustration Thanks so much to Chelsea and Vampire Book Club for hosting me today! This is one of my favorite blogs to visit and Chelsea, you rock!!! We’ve all had that moment. We lower the book from our line of vision, pull back our arm, and prepare to launch the paperback into the next room. Or yard. Or lake/ocean/body of water. The MC is too stupid to live! WHY did she do that?!? How could she SAY that?!? What was...

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